You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back PainYou Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

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You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

I have a brother who was in a serious car accident years ago, and he experiences intense pain every day as a result of it. When I began experiencing mild, daily back pain, I felt guilty even talking about it, because I know others have it much worse. I then made a decision one day that even though others may have more severe pain than me, that doesn't mean that my milder pain doesn't matter. I began seeing a chiropractor every two weeks, and the decision to finally seek treatment for my pain was a great one. I created this blog to share my story. I want everyone to realize that they should seek treatment for any type of daily pain. Even though there may be others who have it worse, you and your pain still matter, and you should feel no shame in seeking treatment.


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Prevent Lower Back Pain At Work With These Exercises

Your doctor has adjusted your spine and you visit the chiropractic services clinic regularly for physical therapy. Don't undo all of that effort to get rid of your lower back pain by letting your work irritate your back. Get in the habit of doing exercises at work to relieve the tension in your back and strengthen your muscles. Here are a series of exercises that you can do at your desk to keep your back relaxed and pain-free.

Exercise Enough, But Not Too Much

The key to these exercises working for you is to stretch the muscles just enough to meet some resistance, then letting them relax. Don't go beyond the point where you feel pain or burning in your lower back. This will keep your muscles from becoming tense, which is one cause of your lower back pain. The following exercises are all to be done while sitting in your chair.

Reach and Stretch - This stretches the muscles in your lower back.

  1. While sitting, stretch your legs out and touch your heels to the floor.
  2. Extend your arms out in front of you.
  3. Bend forward at your waist and try to touch your toes.

Side Reach - This stretches the muscles along the sides of your spine.

  1. Place one hand on your lap and extend the other arm over your head.
  2. Bend your body toward the side of the arm in your lap.
  3. Switch arms and repeat toward the other side.
  4. When bending, don't turn your body or bounce. This puts additional stress on your back muscles.

Back Roll - This stretches the lower back and hip muscles.

  1. Put both hands palms up under your thighs.
  2. Lift up on your thighs while rolling forward from your neck and upper body.
  3. Slowly roll back until your lower back arches slightly.

Knee Hug - This stretches the muscles in the lower back, pelvis and upper legs.

  1. Tighten the thigh muscles in one leg.
  2. Clasp your hands around the knee of that leg.
  3. Slowly lift your knee to your chest as you roll forward slightly from your waist.
  4. Let your leg go back to the floor and sit up straight.
  5. Repeat with the other leg.

Ankle Roll - This stretches the muscles in your lower back, legs, feet and ankles.

  1. Straighten your legs out in front of you with heels on the floor.
  2. Lift both legs slowly a few inches off the floor.
  3. Roll both ankles clockwise for a few seconds then repeat counterclockwise.
  4. Point your toes on both feet, first up, then down several times.

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