You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back PainYou Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

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You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

I have a brother who was in a serious car accident years ago, and he experiences intense pain every day as a result of it. When I began experiencing mild, daily back pain, I felt guilty even talking about it, because I know others have it much worse. I then made a decision one day that even though others may have more severe pain than me, that doesn't mean that my milder pain doesn't matter. I began seeing a chiropractor every two weeks, and the decision to finally seek treatment for my pain was a great one. I created this blog to share my story. I want everyone to realize that they should seek treatment for any type of daily pain. Even though there may be others who have it worse, you and your pain still matter, and you should feel no shame in seeking treatment.


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Here's Why Muscle Work Plays A Big Role In Having An Aligned Spine

When you think about your spine being out of alignment, chances are your mind immediately associates that problem with getting a spine adjustment from a chiropractor. While this is an essential part to adjusting and correcting the alignment of your spine, it shouldn't be the only step. Here's why you should incorporate muscle work into your treatment and reap the benefits of both.

Muscle Support vs. Pulling

The condition of your muscles plays a large role in the alignment of your spine. Your back muscles are designed to support the spine, not to pull or push on it. However, this isn't always how things work out.

Have you ever noticed that having a tight muscle in your arm or leg might make it harder to bend your elbow or knee, respectively? The same can be said for your spine. While it doesn't flex like a joint does, tight muscles can pull the spine out of alignment because they literally become too short. When a muscle is relaxed, it's elongated, allowing it to provide support without pulling. So even if you get your spine adjusted, if your muscles are overly tense, you might undo the work that was done in no time.

Posture Worsens to Compensate, Repeating Issue

Unfortunately, tight muscles causing back problems rarely stop at the back. Once your muscles are pulling too tightly, you may begin to experience discomfort in the area. As a result, poor posture can be developed as you attempt to compensate by hunching over or bunching up. Prolonged poor posture can also lead to tight and unhappy muscles, which can end up pulling you in all directions. This will not only create significant muscle pain for you, but it can continue to skew the spine in the wrong direction.

Getting Help

Going to a chiropractor is a great idea if your back is in pain. Many chiropractors now offer muscle work services, like massage, in order to help loosen up the muscles that are contributing to poor posture and back pain. In some cases, these services are administered by the chiropractor themselves, while others work side-by-side with massage therapists hired to work in the same office.

In either case, massage is a thoroughly relaxing way to get yourself to feel better. It's best to not think of it as purely a treat; you rely on your body to do everything, so you should do whatever it takes to take care of it.

If you're experiencing some kind of back pain or believe that your spine isn't well-aligned, get in touch with a chiropractor for help and inquire about their massage service offerings and recommendations.