You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back PainYou Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

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You Shouldn't Live with Even Mild Back Pain

I have a brother who was in a serious car accident years ago, and he experiences intense pain every day as a result of it. When I began experiencing mild, daily back pain, I felt guilty even talking about it, because I know others have it much worse. I then made a decision one day that even though others may have more severe pain than me, that doesn't mean that my milder pain doesn't matter. I began seeing a chiropractor every two weeks, and the decision to finally seek treatment for my pain was a great one. I created this blog to share my story. I want everyone to realize that they should seek treatment for any type of daily pain. Even though there may be others who have it worse, you and your pain still matter, and you should feel no shame in seeking treatment.


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Fight Back Against Headache Pain With These Three Home Remedies

If you're among the roughly 90 percent of American adults who has contended with headaches at some point in your life, you know just how debilitating this common health predicament can be. While you might feel at a loss as to how to rectify the situation, the first step toward living a life free of pain is often as simple as calling a chiropractor's office. A chiropractor can diagnose the cause of your headache, begin a treatment plan that often reduces your discomfort almost immediately and suggest some changes to make in your day-to-day activities. Eager to get started on the latter? Here are three ways to address your headache pain.

Try Some Moderate Exercise

You might not feel up to a vigorous workout, but several forms of moderate exercise such as walking and riding your bicycle can help to reduce your headache. The increased heart rate you experience during exercise is beneficial because it boosts your circulation. During increased circulation, the various areas of your body -- including your head -- get an extra supply of blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing. Additionally, exercise causes a release of endorphin hormones, which can contribute to a feeling of euphoria that can supersede your headache pain.

Apply Peppermint Oil

Visit a natural food store and buy a bottle of peppermint essential oil. Dilute the potent oil with a little ethyl alcohol -- typically, a couple drops of each liquid in the palm of your hand is ideal -- and then rub the solution around your head where you feel the headache pain the most. Depending on the nature of your headache, this area could be your temples, jawline, forehead or the base of your skull. This simple home remedy often provides relief in a short amount of time and can be effective to use whether your headache is bothering you during the day or preventing you from sleeping at night.

Make Dietary Changes

Often, making simple adjustments to the way you eat and drink can help with headaches. If you're dehydrated, it's common to develop a headache. Combat dehydration by increasing your intake of water; women should drink at least nine cups per day and men should aim for at least 13 cups. Omitting inflammatory foods such as sugar, saturated fats and MSG from your diet can also have a beneficial impact as inflammation in your body is a common cause of headaches. Take a moment to read the nutritional labels on the products you eat and make dietary changes accordingly. 

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